My Philosophy

iStock_000004633733MediumI believe we are all whole, complete, lovable and amazing beings.

Have you ever stopped for a moment to consider all that you are capable of doing and being? I invite you to take some time to consider this. Just sit still for a few minutes and think about everything you have done today and what skills, characteristics, knowledge and actions were involved, from brushing your teeth and making breakfast to the details of your work. What an incredible journey you have made so far to accomplish so much! Consider your growth as being similar to that of a tree, from seed and sapling to a mature tree. See how each main branch represents the major areas of your life – career, family, hobbies, friendships, passions, interests. Those branches divide into continuously smaller branches and twigs, representing the more detailed aspects of your life.  Are you getting a better picture of yourself as an awesome being? Now take a closer look at your tree. Are all sections full and healthy? If so, do you know how you created this? Or are you noticing areas that are not thriving as well as the rest of the tree? If so, what would you do to bring your entire tree back to full health?

I imagine the trunk of my tree to represent my beliefs of the world. From my beliefs flow my thoughts, which are the branches and the leaves represent my emotions that are created from my thoughts. The first signs of ill health will show up in my leaves or emotions. I can then take a look at my supporting thoughts to see if there is any dis-ease. Once found, I will examine my belief that gave birth to those thoughts and decide if that belief is still serving me. I know that I can always choose a higher belief that will serve me better. But every once in a while, I can’t find the root of the problem on my own and I know it is buried where I cannot see it. And that is when I ask for help.

Please be kind to yourself. I invite you to take good care of your tree of life, whatever that may mean for you.

Support & Guidance with Compassion